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Learn more about the services available to Association members during periods of transition.

Members In Transition

The Manager-in-Transition Program was developed to assist Association members during periods of transition.  While we hope members do not have to take advantage of this program, its existence is evidence of APMM's commitment to supporting its members in the management profession.

The Managers-In-Transition Program has been established to offer association members information and assistance they may need when in a period of transition. APMM recognizes that a period of transition is a hazard of the municipal management profession. One that any manager could face. Transition periods can be very difficult for a manager and the manager’s family. It is the hope of APMM that the information and assistance described herein will, in some small way, ease the burden of transition.


Contact your area coordinator and the APMM Secretariat to let them know you are in transition. Please provide them with your home address, telephone number and email address in order to assist you. 

Available Services

Employment Opportunities

All members in transition shall continue to receive a copy of the Pennsylvania Municipal League Municipal Job Junction+ (MJJ+) for as long as they are in transition. Additionally, the APMM Secretariat will make available, upon request, copies of recent ICMA and Nations Weekly job listings. Remember, in order to receive the Municipal Job Junction the APMM Secretariat needs your home address.  Members will also receive regular updates on job openings across the state from the APMM staff contact, provided a current email address is supplied. 

Legal Advocacy

APMM retained the services of two law firms, one in Philadelphia and one in Pittsburgh, to provide legal advice to members when they initially find themselves in transition. The Philadelphia firm is Markowitz and Richman. The Pittsburgh firm is Babst Calland, Clements & Zomnir, P.C.   Members in transition are entitled to up to three hours of consultation with one of these firms at no personal expense. Representation beyond three hours will be billed to the member at $125/ hour. Members are not obligated to use the law firm beyond the free three hours.  Members desiring to use this service must first contact their area coordinator for authorization. The area coordinator will give specific directions on how to schedule an appointment with the legal advocate.

Legal Advocacy FunD

In cases which constitute a threat to the general rights of municipal managers and administrators in Pennsylvania, APMM may, within budgetary limitations, provide assistance through a legal advocacy fund. If necessary, APMM will also seek the protection of member rights through the state legislative process by employing a professional advocate.

Waiver of Fees 

APMM will waive the membership dues of any member in transition for a period of up to two years. Also, a waiver of APMM conference registration fees will be granted for the same period. Such a waiver does not include lodging, food or travel expenses, which shall remain the responsibility of individual participants.

Ancillary Support

In addition to the above direct support, the APMM Managers In Transition Program Director, working through the area coordinators and general membership, will seek to provide managers in transition with the following:

  • Employment for special projects.
  • Provision of clerical services and office space while conducting the job search.
  • Contact with universities, professional training programs and non-profit organizations concerning temporary assignments or full-time employment.
  • Contact with ICMA headquarters and regional ICMA Range Riders to initiate national assistance for members in transition.
  • Advice on financial matters as they relate to loss of employment.
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